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"Using Pay-Per-Click Search Engines to Drive Website Traffic"

Pay-Per-Click search engine marketing is the fastest way to drive targeted traffic to your website. The process involves selecting keywords/phrases you want your website to be found under, place your bids, create short text ads, set a budget and you're up and running. When someone searches for your particular keyword your ad will appear under the "sponsored links" section of the search engine results page, and on any participating partner sites.

"Reach a Large Targeted Audience Quickly"

Usually the higher your bid the higher your ad will appear in rank. Remember, you're only charged when someone clicks on your ad and visits your website. You only pay for actual traffic, not impressions.

There are hundreds of pay-per-click search engines to choose from, but the big 4 are:

- Google AdWords
- Yahoo Search Marketing
- MSN Ad Center
- Miva

There's a lot to learn when it comes to PPC search engine marketing and this site is here to help. With articles, resources, tips, tools and informative websites that will put you on the right track to a "top notch" pay-per-click education. google adwords and pay per click search marketing

Some of what you'll find here:

- Key Phrase Research
- Writing Effective Ad Copy
- Importance of Landing Pages
- Testing & Tracking Your Ads
- Pay-Per-Click Research Tools
- Third Tier Search Engines

"Do You Have a Pay-Per-Click Marketing Strategy?"

PPC Search engines should be part of your online marketing strategy, and should compliment your organic search engine optimization. "Organic" refers to your efforts of optimizing each page of your website to obtain a higher ranking naturally. Both are important strategies when it comes to driving traffic to your website.

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Remember, visitors coming to your site via a PPC search engine are targeted leads, but it's up to you to convert them into buyers. No search engine can make the sale for you; that is always determined by the strength of your ad copy on your landing page. Your website must convert visitors into buyers, or you're just wasting money, strong copy will convince them to take action.


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